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Making the Most Out Of Your Visits to Traverse City Wineries

Making the Most Out Of Your Visits to Traverse City Wineries

We here in Traverse City, Michigan are surrounded by some of the world’s best wineries and breweries across the United States and around the globe. Our company, Traverse City Wine and Beer Tours, is proud to offer a variety of tours for a variety of guests, but we recognized that many of our guests were not making the most out of their visits to Traverse City Wineries. We want you to be able to enjoy fully your excursion, so we have put together a list of what you should do to prepare for your tour. Our first tip:

Hire a Car on Your Visits to Traverse City Wineries

We at Traverse City Wine and Beer Tours are in the business of safely transporting guests from one location to another. Guests who choose us are able to take advantage of a reliable designated driver who is knowledgeable and will be able to share insider information with you about the Traverse City wineries and breweries you will be visiting. Our company also allows guests to consume alcohol in the vehicles, so you can continue to taste your selections while you travel to your next destination.

Bring a Cooler on Your Visits to Traverse City Wineries

While our vehicles are air-conditioned, there may be times in which the inside of the vehicle can become very warm. Not only will this heat up your ice cold brews, but high temperatures can destroy your fine local wines before you even have a chance to taste them. Most of our vehicles offer enough space for guests to bring on board a minimum of one small cooler. Feel free to call us ahead of time to confirm or if you need room for more!

Be Adventurous on Your Visits to Traverse City Wineries

Make the most out of your visit and try brand new and exciting things! Whether you enjoy a Pilsner brew or an IPA or drink exclusively red wines or like sipping on whites. Break free from what you typically drink and try a few new concoctions. Our company visits a number of local Traverse City wineries and breweries. These often have their own exclusive blends that cannot be found anywhere else.

  • Make the most of your taste testing by knowing what kinds of wines you like. The individuals working at the winery will then pair you up with a new wine.

Be Curious on Your Visits to Traverse City Wineries

We know firsthand that the individuals operating the wineries and breweries are passionate and dedicated to their craft. If you have a question about a wine, do not be afraid to ask. Curious whether the grapes used in a particular wine have been locally grown? The experts at the winery will be glad to share that with you. Those who are new to trying wines should not be shy about asking questions! Whether it be about tannins or how to pair a wine with a delicious meal.

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