6 Reasons To Book With Us

  1. Custom Itinerary

We will create your schedule and coordinate with the venues for your tour. You can choose where you want to go, or we can make suggestions for you. Tour schedules serve as a heads-up notification to the venue that you are coming. This is not a formal reservation – it does not move you to the front of the line. For wedding transportation services, we’ll work together with you or your event coordinator to make arrangements for your special day.

  1. Pickup at your location

Private Tours: Your scheduled tour time starts when we pick you up and ends when we drop you off. For Private Tours, we will pick you up anywhere – whether it is your personal residence, hotel, rental, wedding venue or park bench. We will find you!

Join-in Tours: Depending on where you are staying, and where the other group members are staying, your pickup time could be as early as an hour before your tour time begins. However, the fun starts when you get on the vehicle! We have a wide range for pick-up for Join-in Tours, there are limits. Call us with any questions.

  1.  Custom Drink-ware and Signs

Commemorate your experience with a custom sign for your tour vehicle and/or custom swag – this includes t-shirts, koozies, insulated cups, hats, bags, etc. You can click HERE to view our online store of “swag”. The possibilities of creating a design that fits your occasion are endless – and that’s where we can help, with free design services.

  1. Free Vehicle Upgrades

          If a larger, groovier vehicle is available the day of your tour, we will automatically upgrade your tour, free of charge. We won’t know if a vehicle upgrade is available until the day of your tour, but you’ll get a call from us with the opportunity if it arises. During the busy season (May-October), this option is typically not available Fridays and Saturdays.

  1. Trip Insurance Available

We offer trip insurance to cover our cancellation policy if you need to cancel your upcoming tour for any reason. The cost of trip insurance varies on the tour type and vehicle type. If you have any questions regarding our trip insurance and cancellation policy please call our office at 231-499-2656

  1. Free Dinner Shuttle

For Private Tour bookings only – availability must be confirmed in advance. Please call us no later than the day before your tour to inquire if this is available for you. At the end of your tour, we will take you back to your original pick-up location to unload any personal items. You will have 15 minutes to unload any belongings acquired during your tour, and reload the vehicle with your party. We will then transport you and drop you off for dinner anywhere in Traverse City. This free dinner shuttle does not include transportation after dinner. Additional after-dinner transportation can be arranged through our office for an additional fee, or feel free to make other arrangements with public transportation for your party.

  1. Sanitation Standards

You’ll feel safe stepping into our vehicles, courtesy of our full-time cleaning crew. Our crew is responsible for upholding state-mandated cleaning protocols. Our vehicles undergo a deep cleaning at the end of each tour, and between tour groups with earth-friendly cleaning materials.


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