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What to Expect from the Best Traverse City Wine Tours

What to Expect from the Best Traverse City Wine Tours

Booking a wine tour is exciting, though in order to make the most of your adventure, you need to plan ahead. We at Traverse City Wine and Beer Tours pride ourselves on being able to provide guests with the best Traverse City wine tours throughout all of Michigan. To make sure that our guests are able to enjoy a true wine tasting and touring experience, we offer the following:

Customized Itineraries

A large part of our business is providing guests with the option to go on group tours. These group tours have been pre-arranged and are amongst the best Traverse City wine tours in the area.

With that said, we also provide guests with the opportunity to customize their tour. One of our wine tasting professionals will discuss with you and your party what types of wines you all enjoy and which wines you would rather not taste. From there, we will work with you to plot out a wine tour that will cater to your party’s preferences.

An Experienced Host

When you rent a vehicle from us here at Traverse City Wine and Beer Tours, you are not only receiving a safe mode of transportation. You are able to take advantage of the knowledge of the tour host who will transport you from winery to winery. From “vine to wine,” the host you hire will be able to describe the entire winemaking process to you and answer a number of questions you might have about wines, taste testings, and more.

Our tour hosts are well connected and will be able to introduce you to winemakers and the winery owners. We invite you to find out the name of your tour host prior to embarking on one of our tours. You can speak to that host personally before your departure or look up reviews about any of our hosts online.

A Focus on Excellence and Variety

Our goal at Traverse City Wine and Beer Tours is to give our guests the best experience possible when visiting one or more wineries in the area. In order to do so, we only visit wineries that focus on making excellent wines rather than producing inferior wines at higher volumes.

Apart from excellence, we also like to create tours that offer variety. Most wine collectors enjoy expanding their collection and like adding diversity and sophistication to their current wine selections. The best Traverse City wine tours are designed to allow you to explore different tastes and flavors, which we have to offer in the region. There are a number of unique local blends that you would not be able to find anywhere else.

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