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Planning Traverse City Wine Tours

Planning Traverse City Wine Tours

Traverse City is typical of many resort towns. It comes alive with tourists in the summer. People arrive to take part in the Cherry Festival. They loll on the beaches and tour the coasts as part of a scenic trip to Northern Michigan. However, what most people want to explore is the glorious wineries of Traverse City. They are here to take part in the wine tours. If you are one of these lucky people, you already know about the benefits of participating in one of the Traverse City wine tour packages.

What Are Traverse City Wine Packages?

Traverse City wine packages are a fun way for you to explore the wines of the region. They take you along the wine trails of the regions two famous wine regions: Leelanau Peninsula and Old Mission Peninsula. You can taste the wine of several vineyards and breathe in the coastal air. If you want to be part of a group, be sure to sign up with a reputable company such as Traverse City Wine and Beer Tours. They know the most scenic routes through Northern Michigan’s wine country.

You will also find it fun to schedule your own private tour. It is a wonderful way to surprise your favorite wine lover on his or her birthday or anniversary. Luxurious transportation is included as are other amenities. An excellent and knowledgeable driver will make certain you not only arrive safely, no matter how much wine you taste along the way, but also learn more about the area. Such special touches make certain Traverse City Wine Packages stand out over others.

Traverse City Wine Packages: Ports of Call

If you schedule an entire day, you just may be able to visit the wineries on both the Leelanau and Old Mission Peninsulas. If you only have four hours, consider Traverse City wine packages that focus on one or the other, both peninsulas have much to recommend them.

  • Leelanau Peninsula: Traverse City wine packages that concentrate on this wine producing region will drive you along 98 miles of beautiful shoreline. Lake Michigan is worth the drive alone but add to it the chance to taste the excellent wines of the some 28 wineries, and your taste buds will think they are in Paradise.
  • Old Mission Peninsula: Though fewer in numbers (8 wineries) they are all worth the trip to this peninsula. To enjoy the full experience of Rieslings and regional, full bodied fruit wines, sign up for one of the Traverse City wine tour packages that take you here.

Arrange Now for Traverse City Wine Packages

Northern Michigan is known for many things. If you want to learn as much as you can in an enjoyable fashion, arrange through such reliable and knowledgeable companies as Traverse City Wine and Beer Tours, to take a trip. Sign up for one of the group tours to arrange Traverse City wine packages or plan a private tour for a special occasion. Treat yourself and your senses to the award winning flavors and characteristics of the grapes produced on the Peninsulas. Whether you take a few hours or all day, you and your palate will never forget it.

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