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Touring Breweries In Traverse City

Touring Breweries In Traverse City

Traverse City is a place where people go to enjoy the sun. They walk along the beaches and admire the rugged coastline of the two peninsulas – Leelanau and Old Mission. The follow the wine trail and sample what the area’s wineries have available. They also have another option. For those of you who prefer to quaff a good brew, you can tour the breweries in Traverse City.

Breweries in Traverse City

While many cities offer you a choice of beer, they do not always brew it themselves. If you go to Traverse City, you will find breweries that not only make their own beer but also serve it up to you in their pub or restaurant. As a result, you can find a little bit of everything locally and locally produced. In fact, some breweries in Traverse City and the region surrounding it, make it their goal to source as many of the ingredients as possible from Michigan. It is their efforts that make the local microbrews and handcrafted beers truly representative of the area. Such care to detail surely makes a trip to Traverse City worth your while.

In Traverse City there is an amazing selection of locally brewed beers. Unique flavors are all part of the experience when you decide to visit any of the following breweries in Traverse City:

  • Beggars Brewery: For a taste of local Michigan, you need to visit this family owned microbrewery.
  • Bravo Zula Brewing: Offering a selection of brews in a military friendly setting.
  • Brewery Ferment: For those who want to taste the best combination of old and new traditions. Come try any of their five flagship beers.
  • Brewery Terra Firma: For those of you who are environmentally conscious but still want to enjoy a good tasting beer, be sure to make this brewery part of your tour. The word they apply to their business is sustainable. The words you will use after you taste their unique beer are excellent.
  • The Filling Station: The setting is the old Italianate railroad station in Traverse City. You can admire the architecture while you are tasting any of the dozen microbrews on tap.
  • Jolly Pumpkin Restaurant Brewery And Distillery: This is another architectural gem in which to enjoy local brews while dining on artisan pizzas and other delights
  • Mackinaw Brewing: This is the original downtown brewpub. Of all the breweries in Traverse City, this one boasts that they can match your choice of their hand-crafted brews with something they have on their delicious menu.
  • North Peak Brewing Company: Visit another historic building and savor the flavor of this brewery’s award winning beer.
  • Rare Bird Brewery & Taproom: As local as they possibly can make it, you will find it hard to resist the brews and food offerings in this taproom and brewery.
  • Right Brain Brewery: Warm and inviting is what you will find the in this stellar example of the breweries in Traverse City.
  • Short’s Brewing Company: From their flagship brew Bellaire Brown to their Seasonal Autumn Ale, this brewery offers your taste buds the chance to explore the local and the unique.
  • Workshop Brewing Company: If you are part of the environmentally friendly movement, be sure to include this brewery on your pilgrimage. Of all the breweries in Traverse City, this one tries to make sure they live up to their ecofriendly motto of Nature. Community. Craft.

Visiting Breweries in Traverse City

If you plan a visit to Traverse City, consider taking a beer tour. Talk to those who know the best in the area such as the agents of Traverse City Wine and Beer Tours! You can be certain to visit the best breweries in Traverse City. When you leave, the memory of some of the best beers in the country will linger pleasantly on your taste buds. Forcing you to want to come back to try more. Click HERE to book a tour today!

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