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Tips for Your St. Patrick’s Day Bar Crawl

How to Have a Lucky St. Patrick’s Day

As St. Patrick’s Day approaches, we have some tips to help you and your crew have a safe, enjoyable time celebrating all things Irish. From fashion, to beverages, to making sure you don’t end up in jail, follow our tips for the best St. Patrick’s Day ever!

What to Wear on Your St. Patrick’s Day Outing

You can dress for St. Patrick’s Day without looking like you should be on a box of Lucky Charms. Our advice? Wear green, but avoid wearing the gimmicky necklaces and green-tinted sunglasses usually adorning the faces of the intoxicated masses. Stand out in a classy way. Break out that green, pinstriped suit you inherited from your eccentric grandfather to bring some class to your pub crawl.

For the ladies, beware of wearing one of those “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” shirts. There are too many knuckle-dragging mouth-breathers in the world that will take the shirt literally at the bar and try to lay one on you to impress their friends. You don’t need that in your life.

Where to Go on Your St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl

Where you go on your tour will go a long ways towards determining how much fun you have. Finding an Irish pub is usually a safe bet, obviously. But here’s a tip from a pro – find a Mexican-themed bar if possible. I know, it’s an unorthodox tactic, but it’s likely to be less busy than the Irish pubs. That means you and your crew can take over the joint and make it your own party! And besides, nothing says St. Patrick’s Day like a green margarita.

Speaking of beverages, green beer is obviously the traditional staple. You can stick with an assortment of Irish beverages to get and stay in your Irish character – whiskey selections include Jameson, Black Bush, Paddy, Powers, and Tullamore Dew.

If you’re into beer, just drink Guinness. Nothing else will do on St. Patrick’s Day.

As an adult, you may be staying up past your normal bedtime. If this is the case, a cup of coffee with Bailey’s is the obviously choice.

What Not to Do on St. Patrick’s Day

There are a few tired Irish jokes out there, and it’s best to leave those alone. Anything involving potatoes is worn out. The Irish potato famine is a tragic event in history, and not worthy of your alcohol-induced ridicule. Also, if you order an Irish Car Bomb in front of an Irishman, you’re likely to get your teeth kicked in. If I were you, stick with the simple leprechaun/Lucky Charms jokes for your own safety.

Of course, drinking and driving is also something you should never do, especially on St. Patrick’s Day. The price of a tour with us is a fraction of the costs associated with a DUI and subsequent court case, so book a vehicle to make sure you and your friends have an amazingly fun and safe night.

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