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Why Go On a Tour to Visit Breweries in Traverse City MI?

Why Go On a Tour to Visit Breweries in Traverse City MI?

Thinking about visiting one of the many world-class breweries here in Traverse City, Michigan? Then you may want to go on a professionally run group tour. Whether you are new to the area or have visited a number of breweries in Traverse City MI before, we at Traverse City Wine and Beer Tours offer a variety of group and private tours to some of the best spots in the state. Whether you want to set off on an afternoon adventure or a full day excursion, below are the reasons why we encourage guests to go on a professional tour.

A Safe Ride to Each Destination

Depending on your preferences, our tours will take beer lovers to at least three brewers in Traverse City, MI. Our guests are able to fully relax and take their time sampling different beers and brews without having to worry about safely getting from one brewery to the next. We also allow our guests to consume alcohol as we travel to the next destination, which means you can make the most out of your time.

In-Depth Knowledge of Local Breweries and Brews

We at Traverse City Wine and Beer Tours have been in the brewery tour business for a while. We know which spots are “must sees” and which can be bypassed depending on your personal preferences and tastes. Many of our guests have been thrilled by our itinerary as we not only visit the largest and most well-known breweries in Traverse City MI, but we also include smaller local breweries, which often have the most unique and delightful offerings.

Your Passport to Every Brewery

During certain times of the year, the brewery you plan to visit may be fully booked up or unavailable to accommodate you and your guests. When you travel with us, we guarantee that the breweries listed on the itinerary are open and are able to accommodate each of our guests.

A Chance to Get to Know Others

Our company offers two general types of tours:

Private tours are great for those who want a more private and customized experience. Many of our guests, however, choose to go on one of our competitively priced group tours. The group tour guide will pick you up from your home and then transport you and the thirteen other guests on board to some of the best breweries within the Old Mission Peninsula. During your travels, the group tour guide will encourage individuals to get to know one another and will create what many of our guests have described as a fun and “party-like” atmosphere. Click HERE to read more about our guided tours!

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